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Single Port Serial RS-232 PCMCIA Adapter DB-9 Serial
Features : Provides a reliable solution for Notebook to connect serial peripherals such as GPS receivers, serial printers/plotters, barcode scanners, digital cameras and fax/modems. Windows Vista Windows XP Windows Server 2003 Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows 98 Linux Single Port RS-232 Serial adapter PCMCIA card is compact in size and low power requirements to support the major serial portable devices. Item USES NEW OXFORD OX16CF950B CHIP! The UART is the newest generation of the 16C950. It equipped a 128-byte deep data FIFO and auto-flow control features to speed up the data transfer to 115.2Kbps without the under-run and over-run problems.

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usb serial adapter from $19.95 only at serial adapter source