USB 2.0 hi-speed serial adapter. Use serial devices via the usb port of your computer.
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USB Gear's new USB to Serial (RAT) Adapter

With this new ultra sleek and powerful DB-9 Serial adapter design, there will be NO OBSTACLES while connecting to older legacy serial devices. Our new rodent has LED visual representation for receiving and transmitting of data. This new design also features industry standard FTDI logic board for compatibility from 9600 baud all the way up to 960K!!!

The 12 inch Hi-Speed USB 2.0 to serial converter adapter

USB Gear's new  12" USB Serial RAT, With its new ultra sleek and powerful Hi-Speed DB-9 Serial adapter. Comes with software drivers and manual.


  • OVER 500 kbps Data Transfer
  • No Power Adapter Required (Draws power from USB Bus)
  • Works with Modems, PDA's, Cell phones, Digital Cameras and more serial legacy devices
  • features industry standard FTDI logic board for compatibility from 9600 baud all the way up to 960K
  • Works with Modems, PDA's, Cell phones, Digital Cameras and more serial legacy devices
  • No IRQs to assign, NO IRQ Conflicts
  • LED visuals for transmit and receive between devices
  • Compatible with: Windows 7 Windows 8 and Older 98, 2000, ME, XP / MAC 8.6, 9.0, 9.1/Linux
Learn more about the FTDI logic chip here!

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12 inch USBG-232 

Use your legacy devices with confidence

Use your Laptop or Desktop computer to synchronize your PDA, Digital Camera, Cell Phone or other device currently using a serial port with this USB Serial Adapter. Connect your serial devices (RS-232) to the newer computer equipment that supports USB. This adapter adds a serial port to the computer, laptop, or tablet PC via a hot plug compatible USB connector. Through an existing USB Port the usb serial adapter can be utilized to work with your legacy serial connections. It's great for newer technologies with no serial port connections.

Turn your older serial port devices into devices working wth new technology with a usb to serail adapter
Example devices the USB Serial Adapter can be used with
The DB-9 serial end of the USB to serial adapter

you won't be left in the dark as to item functionality

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12 inch USBG-232

Applications for use

Software included with the usb to serial adapter Whether your device is a slow speed logic control application, programming application or high-speed PDA/modem synchronization, our new USBGear RAT will do the trick supporting all Operating Systems including MAC/Windows/Linux. The USBGear Rat comes with the software drivers and manual if needed.

the USBGear Serial Rat's compact features include an insulated braided jacket surrounded by a clear flexible tubing allowing the adapter to be rolled up into a compact size of no more that 4 inches in diameter, slip it into you briefcase, laptop bag or pocket for easy convenient travel.

Set up and Install - Let FTDI logic work for you

The 12 inch usb to serial adapter connected to a laptop Shown here is a Compaq Presario 3000 series notebook which does not include a serial port as part of its configuration. The usb to serial adapter configuration dictated by the FTDI logic chip allowed Win XP to recognized and install the adapter without the software. The set up as you see is simple, quick and easy as you travel for business or pleasure. The images below show the adapter connected the the test camera via the usb to serial DB-9 connection. The camera used was a Kodak DC200.

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12 inch USBG-232

Transferring your data

Preperation for the camera to be connected to the usb to serial adapter
usb to serial adapter connected
The serial connector must be connected before data transfer can take place
The DC200 camera with it's serial transfer cable ready for connection to the usb serial adapter. Once the mating of the serial connections are made you can begin transferring you data from the legacy serial device to the usb serial adapter which converts the data for use. Shown above are the mating connections. to see the resulting action of data transfer, click this link to the flash movie. The movie shows the LED's in action as the data is transferred.

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12 inch USBG-232


The usb adapter also comes in 7 foot length from end to end USBGear's new USB to Serial (RAT) Adapter also comes in a longer lengthnew ultra sleek and powerful DB-9 usb to serial adapter of 7 feet end to end. This is the same new ultra sleek and powerful DB-9 Serial adapter design. The longer adapter is ideal for home and office use and gives much more flexibility and position of your work. Use the same legacy devices with a longer reach, this is one rat you'll appreciate!

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7 ft. USBG-232-MM

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USB to Serial Adapter (RAT) TESTIMONIAL

This adapter in both of it's lengths is extremely easy to set up and install. Simple plug and play recognition and hot plug compatibility make this usb adapter a great data transfer tool for legacy devices. So compact that it basically hides itself in the pocket of your laptop carrier or briefcase. Versatility between serial devices being used such as modems, digital camera, printers and more. Personally I used this to upload some sample images to my laptop because it doesn't have a serial port which is what I need if I'm going to use my camera, especially while traveling. I'm no longer reaching around my desktop to find the serial port, buy leaving this plugged into the the USB port of the computer I save myself both time and hassle with cable connections.

It's my opinion that either the 7 foot or the 12 inch model depending on your use for it would be a great item to have on hand if for nothing else to give your existing equipment more versatility and easier connections.

Bob Boisvert..Web Professional

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