usb serial adapter from $19.95 only at serial adapter source
<p>Buy your USB printer cable online from USBGear, looking for a printer adapter or server that you can connect to with your available USB port? USBGear has got it, and more! Our wide variety of USB print servers and cables allow you to connect your network printer for all to use, wired or wireless, via TCP-IP and fast Ethernet.</p>
Hot! Industrial Monitoring and Control Remotely access RS-232 devices over your Ethernet
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USB Printer Adapters

1 Port Serial RS232 to CAN Bus Adapter with Metal Case
Features :

Compact Metal USB to CAN Bus Adapter

The CG-1P232CAN adapter is a compact and powerful Serial RS-232 CAN Bus Adapter. Protected by a rugged metal chassis, it adds one CAN Bus port to yo...
Part No. CG-1P232CAN | View Details

Network Wireless Print Server For USB Printers
Features :

1 Port, USB Wireless Print Server For USB Printers Connects any USB printer to a Wireless Network 802.11B compliant Simple Web-based setup Works with any Access Point or Peer-To-Peer Wireless Netwo...
Part No. 523165 | View Details

USB to CAN Bus Adapter with Galvanic Isolation in Metal Case
Features :

Small Metal USB to CAN Bus Adapter

The small USB to CAN Bus adapter supports USB 1.1, 2.0, and 3.0 specifications protocols. It operates with CAN 2.0A and CAN 2.0B standards supported b...
Part No. CG-1PMGICAN | View Details

INT USB Print Server 2 Port USB & 1 Port Parallel
Features :

Two USB, One Parallel, 10/100 USB Print Server 2 Port USB & 1 Port Parallel Share up to 3 printers (2 USB and 1 Parallel)with all network users USB, DB 25 and 10/100 RJ45 Ether net connectors L...
Part No. 521895 | View Details

Cheap USB RS-232 Serial Adapter DB-9 Female 12-Inch Cable with Hex Nuts
Features :

SORRY NO STOCK, please look over our other items that are available and ready to ship same day.

USB Serial Adapter Low Cost No Frills Adapter for standard end-user applications that requi...
Part No. CHEAP-SERIAL | View Details

USB Printer Adapter Cable USB 5ft Centronic 36-pin Connector
Features :

Printer adapter uses Prolific PL2503H it is Bus powered IEEE 1284 compliant Manages automatic negation for the fastest protocol available USB Printer Cable 5ft (1.8m)  

This item onl...
Part No. USBG-PR1 | View Details

USB to Parallel and Serial Converter for Windows
Features :

USB to Parallel & Serial Converter

Note: Printer port only works with Printers, NO OTHER DEVICES

Create an efficient working environment while using a USB...
Part No. Y-10708 | View Details

5-ft USB to 25-pin (Female) Parallel Cable
Features :

5-ft USB to 25-pin (Female) Parallel Cable Works with Windows 7 and Vista Convert your parallel port Printer to USB with this 5-ft (THIS DEVICE IS TO BE USED WITH STANDARD PRINTERS ONLY) USB to Par...
Part No. USBG-LPT25 | View Details

Prolific Chip USB RS-232 Serial Adapter DB-9 Male works with all Windows
Features :

THIS ITEM DOES NOT WORK WITH VISTA UNITEX USB TO RS232 SERIAL CONVERTER ADAPTER Connect any serial device to a USB port with this USB to Serial DB9 Adapter up to 115K. It features USB Type A to 9-p...
Part No. Y-105A | View Details

USB Printer Cable Adapter 6ft Centronic 36-pin Connector
Features :

Bus powered IEEE 1284 compliant Manages automatic negation for the fastest protocol available USB Printer Cable 6ft (1.8m)

Part No. 317474 | View Details

USB 2.0 Over IP Device Server, Network TCP/IP
Features :

USB 2.0 Over IP (USB Server & Printer Server)

ASD-102 is new palm-sized USB server enables an external hard drive, flash drive, memory card reader, USB webcam, USB speaker, or USB M...
Part No. GM-ASD-102 | View Details

USB 2 Port 1xSerial DB-9 RS-232 and 1xDB-25 Parallel Printer Adapters with Prolific Chipset
Features :


Please See Y-10708 for alternate.


Full comp...
Part No. USBG-2X1S1P | View Details

PoE Detector / Monitor with Built-in Transformer 802.3 at Compliant
Features :

Fast PoE Network Testing

This PoE detector is a testing tool that is designed for speed testing and verification of standard active and passive PoE networks. It will also measure the po...
Part No. POEPDPM2 | View Details

PoE Voltage Monitor for STD PoE and Non-STD PoE
Features :

Test and Verify PoE Active and Passive Flow

This PoE voltage monitor is specific to monitoring and verifying PSE or Ethernet outlet to either a standard (active) PoE or a non-standard (...
Part No. POEPDPM4 | View Details

USB 2.0 over IP Device Server Share any USB Device TCP/IP Network
Features :

USB 2.0 Over IP (USB Server & Printer Server)

Upgradeable Via USB Hub to support up to 4 USB 2.0 Devices.

ASD-104 is new palm-sized USB server enables an external hard drive...
Part No. GM-ASD-104 | View Details

Network Print Server USB Print Server 10/100
Features :

1 Port 10/100 Fast Ethernet Print Server  Multiple Network Protocols  AppleTalk, TCP/IP, NetBEUI and IPX  
 Multiple Network Environment  Windows Peer-to-Peer, Windows Serve...
Part No. 521802 | View Details

Single Port USB to CAN Bus 3FT Adapter Support Windows 10
Features :

CAN Bus Adapter for Micro-controllers and Devices

Since 1983, the CAN Bus protocol has been aiding in various industrial applications. Industries and applications such as automotive, av...
Part No. CG-1PRTCANB | View Details

1 Port USB to CAN Bus 1Mbps Speed w/Metal Case
Features :

1 Port Metal USB to CAN Bus Adapter

The CG-1PRTMCAN USB to CAN Bus adapter is a high integrity Controller Area Network device. Often used in automotive and industrial systems, it is des...
Part No. CG-1PRTMCAN | View Details


usb serial adapter from $19.95 only at serial adapter source